Babys Debut 3d imaging Utica, NY


Q: When is the best time for my 3D/4D ultrasound?

A: We recommend between the 22nd and 34th weeks. However, excellent pictures can be taken any time after 20 weeks.
Q: Can you determine the gender of the baby?
A:  In most cases we can determine gender depending upon cooperation from the baby! We can make arrangements for a follow up meeting if we can not determine the gender during your visit. The gender should be determined at 15 weeks or later..
Q: Is the visit covered by insurance? 
A: No, this is an elective procedure. We do accept credit cards, but no personal checks. 
Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: Yes, please visit here: Get Started Now!
Q: Who can attend with me?
A: Everybody is welcome to attend. Please tell us how many people we need to accommodate when you make your appointment. 
Q: Is the ultrasound safe?  
A: Ultrasound has over thirty years worth of extensive studies to prove it is perfectly safe. It is simply sound waves that bounce back to render the image. 
Q: What should I do to prepare and ensure high quality pictures? 
A: There are several factors that determine the clarity of an ultrasound image.  The amount of fluid surrounding the baby, its gestational age, the position of the baby and the physical condition of the mother.(the more tissue we have to penetrate the less detail)  Drink plenty of fluids a few days before your ultrasound. It is important to have a full bladder at your Gender Determination appointment.  It's a good idea to have a snack to help with the movement of the baby.